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My First Solids Kit

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15004 Solids.png

My First Solids Kit

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This first time solid kit comes with everything you need to make this milestone a safe and easy experience for both parent and bub.

RRP of $130 - you save $50!

Food Babies Love - Emily Dupuche:
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  • 1 x Baby Bjorn Soft Bib
  • 1 x Nuk Fresh Foods Masher and Bowl
  • 1 x Nuby Hot Safe Spoons - 2 pack
  • Munchkin Multi Bowls - 5 pack
  • 1 x Munchkin Baby Food Feeder
  • 1x Nuk Pouch Straw and Spoon
  • 1x Nuby No Spill Cup - Twin Handle 
  • 1x Nuby Garden Fresh Freezer Trays
  • Food Babies Love by Emily Dupuche*

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