My First Kits

Your all-in-one-kit-shop for your baby's first time needs


What do I need? What works? What doesn't? What do other parents recommend?

My First Kits is the answer!


Any parent will tell you: there are millions of blogs and opinions out there, but this does not make the job of tackling your baby’s first milestones any easier. So when the time came for Ayla’s first milestones, I decided to do my own research and find out what Australian parents have tried, love, and recommend ... and VOILA! This is how My First Kits first came together.

Being a first time mother, I spent a lot of time buying things I was sure would make my life that bit easier: things I thought I would need, things I thought would be great to have. Most of these ended up stuffed into the back of the pantry (or wherever else I could find room!), and the things that actually got used were those gifted to me by other parents. Things I never would have thought to buy myself. If only I knew this before! Then there would be:

  • No more continuously going back to the shops because you’ve forgotten to purchase something.... A kit with everything you need in one handy box.
  • No more having half a pantry full of items you don't actually need.
  • No more purchasing things that don't actually work.
  • No more playing the guessing game! We’ll provide tricks which have helped real parents during these early stages!
  • And best of all, no precious more time wasted researching what you need, what works, and what doesn't! Which means more time spent on what really matters!


Australian parent's have loved and enjoyed these products.. And I am sure you will too.


Maz xx